Behind the Scenes

I’m Mabel, the happy-go-lucky editor of iStudyAbroad. Everyone tells me that I’m too talkative but I seriously doubt that. I love cats, cheese and chocolate. Writing is my escapism and I believe its the best way in which I express myself. Being able to study in Sheffield has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I would love to travel around the world and meet different people of all cultures and nationalities. Also, I’m a self-proclaimed Twitterholic. Find out more about me on

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You can call me Hon, but not that “horn” indeed. I’m the co-producer of iStudyAbroad. I’m talkative and I can just talk to anyone, even strangers. My passion lies on singing, travelling and exploring new things. I can sing at anywhere, at any time to anyone. Travelling helps me to discover many new places. I enjoy learning about new cultures, historical things and people. My curiosity has widened up my mind about everything on this earth. Want to learn more about me?

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I’m Josephine, the social media manager for iStudyAbroad.Writing is my ultimate passion and interest. What would life be without DREAMS? When the going gets tough, we should never lose faith in our dreams. Dream high and everything else will work out. Each and every day, I’m drawing nearer to my dream, which is to be a famous writer. Do YOU believe in dreams?

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I’m Tiffany, the mastermind behind all video content on iStudyAbroad. Filming has always been a passion for me. I believe that a good video can make a difference and change a person’s life. I play musical intruments like guitar, piano, violin and I love cats as well. I’m really excited to share my experiences with you (on camera and off camera as well). Follow me on



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