Discovering the beauty of Peak District

There are approximately 100 international students took part in an 8 mile walk and hike to the edge of Peak District recently.

The walk was from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), to Endcliffe Park then to Forge Dam and back to the Sheffield City Centre.

Walking path of Peak District Walk.

Greg Steel, a graduate from Sheffield Hallam University and an experienced hiker, led the group on the scenic route.

“The advantage of the walks I do is that there are plenty of landmarks and the paths are very easy to follow,” said Greg.

Peak District Walk Leader, Greg Steel.

The announcement for the walk received an overwhelming response, and Greg had to be strict on numbers of students because safety on the walk is paramount.

“Every time I take students to the walk up the final hill to the viewing point overlooking the beginning of the peak district, I feel a little nervous hoping people will like the views, especially with the distance they have to walk. However, they always seem to love them,” said Greg.


Interviewee, Justina Tan.

“The lush greeneries all around in Peak District is beautiful and it’s great for taking pictures,” said Justina Tan, a Malaysian student who joined the walk.

Justina found that there are lots of muddy footpaths and people need to exercise care and caution in the process of getting there.

Apart from that, she found that it’s important to wear sensible shoes before going to the walks because it helps to increase your resistance on slippery ground.

“It’s an eye opening experience to join the walks as I would probably not join these kinds of activities in Malaysia due to the weather,” said Justina.

Interviewee, Keyz Wong.

“I saw another face of Sheffield, other than city, but a beautiful and natural land of Sheffield which is almost zero pollution,” said Keyz Wong, another Malaysian student who joined the walk.

The walk is tired initially for Keyz, but he felt it was so worth of his every hard steps when he reached the final spot of the walk. The breathtaking green view with fresh air and warm sunshine has taken off all his tiredness.

“I was so enjoyed the moment with my friends. We talked, we joked and we laugh. It was so amazing. I think this is the best moment for building up better relationship with the friends.” he said.

Greg concluded that if international students would like to explore Peak District on their own, they should probably need:

Someone who is well experienced and skillful in map reading

Someone who is prepared for the unexpected because one would easily lose his or her bearings in the walks.

A good level of fitness because one could easily feel tired when he or she is not fit enough for the walks.

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The Peak District was the first national aprk in Britain in the year 1951. It covers an area of 1,438 square kilometres (555 square miles).

The Peak District National Park is a protected landscape because of its natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage, and it provides opportunities for people to enjoy and learn about its special qualities.

The Peak District is shaped by natural forces over millions of years and by human activities over thousands of years. It provides a breathing space for millions of visitors and is home to around 38,000 people.

-Story and Photo by Hon Chee Seong
-Interviewee Photo provided by Interviewee

To know how to get there by public transport, or any general enquiries about Peak District National Park, please refer to Peak District Official Website.

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