MASSOC: We’ll always be there for you

MASSOC (Malaysian and Singaporean Society of the University of Sheffield) has been around to ensure the welfare and well-being of Malaysian and Singaporean students in Sheffield.

“MASSOC’s aim is simply to make you feel comfortable through its support, resources and activities,” said Phoebe Yiin, the ex- vice president of MASSOC.

Phoebe Yiin, the ex-vice president of MASSOC.

As a Malaysian student, Phoebe understands the difficulties of Malaysian students when they come to study abroad. Thus, she committed herself to become part of MASSOC to help out new students to settle down in Sheffield.


In most universities, there are student unions to help students solve general enquiries and problems.

But MASSOC was formed to address more specific issues, typically only faced by Malaysian or Singaporean students.

What kinds of questions would MASSOC would offer help for?

It seems that it is so important that international students have to get themselves well prepared in advanced before they came to UK.

But, what if students who have no hint at all about what to prepare?


MASSOC also provides accommodation information for students according to their needs.

The lack of space in student accommodations is a major problem with the increase of international students in UK.

“Last year, we had about 10 students who came to Sheffield with nowhere to stay,” Phoebe said.

Some had to stay in a hotel while MASSOC helped to work out the issue with local student accommodations, while others had to move into private accommodations.


“We often hold activities for international students to get involved and feel the familiarity of their own culture in Sheffield,” Phoebe said.

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In the past, MASSOC has organised activities like dinners out, paintballing, pot luck, ice-skating, board games and so on. Sometimes, the members will simply hang out, have some drinks or hold some parties and gatherings to socialise and meet new friends.


Phoebe, the ex-vice president of MASSOC and I.

-Story, Photo and Audio by Hon Chee Seong
-MASSOC Photo provided by MASSOC

For more information, visit the MASSOC Official Website.

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