Sheffield Jubilee Fayre: Historical Explosion at Norfolk Heritage Park

Visitors, locals and international students were treated to an explosion of history and culture at the 11th annual Sheffield Jubilee Fayre recently.

Held at the Norfolk Heritage Park, the free community event offered tons of entertainment and attractions such as the Sheffield Horticulture Show, which is a vegetable and fruit farming competition, market stalls and park rides.

However, the highlight of the Fayre was definitely the larger than life re-enactment of significant historical events.

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The lush, green Norfolk Park was transformed into a time machine as volunteers set up tents to display ancient weapons, tools and cooking utensils.

Using loud explosions, fireworks and war sound effects, the historical show drew crowds from all walks of life during the two-day fair.

Featuring over 300 volunteers, the re-enactment was carried out using realistic replicas, props and costumes from the ancient ages.

Organiser Howard Giles said that the entire historical experience is designed to emulate how people lived, survived and fought in the past, right from the first century Roman Empire till the late 1980’s.

He said: “Visitors can go up to the living historians, touch the clothing, pick up a sword and watch the history come to life.”

Numisimus Lupus VIII AVG, a volunteer dressed as a Roman Warrior, brandished a gleaming sword, claimed to be an exact replica of the weaponry used by the Roman soldiers in the first century.

“I often travel to countries like Spain, Holland and France to share a piece of the living Roman history of my ancestors,” said Numisimus, who has been involved in historical re-enactments for over 22 years.

Malaysian international student Celia Tong was awed at the American Civil War re-enactment which involved realistic guns, bombs and soldiers.

“It’s much more interesting to see and hear the actual scene being replayed in front of my eyes,” said Celia, an Accounting and Finance student.

Another international student, Simon Chu, stumbled upon the event while visiting the Norfolk Park with a couple of friends.

“I think it’s great to learn about British culture and history from this event, rather than learning about it from text books,” he said.

-Story and Video by Mabel Yan
-Photo by Josephine Chua

To find out more about the Sheffield Jubilee Fayre or other upcoming community events, visit the Sheffield City Council website.

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